Who is Filing Bankruptcy?

April 17, 2014

Who is filing bankruptcy? In 2008, more than 1 million filed for bankruptcy protection. This sharp graphic takes a close look at the demographics behind those numbers to give us a clear view of who is being affected by the economic downturn. Source


How Big is the Coupon Industry?

March 13, 2014

he Coca-Cola company created the very first coupon back in the 1890s when it gave out a free bottle of the soft drink. In these tough times, clipping coupons has made a huge comeback and isn’t just a hobby for housewives anymore. With a little bit of math skills and lots of patience, the art […]


Diamond Plus is Coming to Town

January 9, 2014

In the spirit of Christmas and the Holiday season we created a festive infographic about the new Diamond Plus Pre-Paid Visa Card. A growing number of unbanked and banked consumers are using prepaid cards as a safe, convenient and affordable way to manage money. The Diamond Plus Card is a great way for unbanked taxpayers […]


Saving Money with the Web

December 30, 2013

Since the Web became user-friendly with the general public over 10 years ago, companies have been using it as a vehicle for advertising. What better way to gain more customers than to offer them a great deal? Today, the Internet is the absolute best place to find quality discounts on everything from restaurants to cars. […]

The Easiest Ways to Save Extra Money

The Easiest Ways to Save Extra Money

July 24, 2013

A lot of people are spending way too much money on their bills. Here’s a few simple things to look at that could save you a pretty penny in the long run. Source


America’s Biggest Overspenders

May 10, 2013

When a big business goes bankrupt people often start pointing fingers at the cause of the fall. Some of the biggest corporations in the world have taken major financial hits because they hired poor money managers who spend money on unnecessary costs. This infographic looks at the biggest spenders in America and where they went […]

Hotel Rewards Points: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Hotel Rewards Points: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

May 1, 2013

Being a valued customer definitely has benefits. This infographic examines the benefits of many of the biggest hotel chains and maps out exactly just how they measure up. Who has the best hotel credit card deal and who delves out the best loyal member benefits? Read on to find out. Source

When Are the Best Times to Buy?

When Are the Best Times to Buy?

April 15, 2013

Are you looking to make a special purchase but don’t want to buy at the wrong time? It is crucial to know when to buy something at the right time. This infographic acts as a purchasing calender and shows consumers when it is the best time to buy everything from bicycles to mattresses.

No Shame in My Gain

No Shame in My Gain

April 11, 2013

In this recession coupons are making a fashionable comeback. From clipping them out of the newspaper to finding deals online, saving is chic. This infographic looks at the online coupon craze and reminds you that there’s no shame in wanting to save a few bucks. Source

Where Russians Save Their Money

Where Russians Save Their Money

April 10, 2013

A survey conducted by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center on the safest ways to save money. Source

Vespanomics: The Road to Savings

Vespanomics: The Road to Savings

March 26, 2013

With gas prices at $4 per gallon or more, saving money at the pump this summer is on many drivers’ minds. Mint.com has teamed up with Vespa to show us just how much of an impact switching to a scooter might have on your budget. Source