Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs. Apple iPad 2 vs. HP TouchPad vs. LG G-Slate

July 5, 2014

Due to popular demand, we are back with a follow-up to our BlackBerry PlayBook, Dell Streak 7, Apple iPad, and Motorola Xoom graphic. After a handful of press conferences which dished out plenty of information, we finally have the full scoop on four new unreleased tablets: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Apple iPad 2, HP TouchPad, […]


Infographic: Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. Apple iPad

June 15, 2014

Although Tablet PCs have been around for ages, the Apple iPad takes credit for revolutionizing the tablet market. Nearly six months after its debut earlier this year, a noteworthy competitor is still missing. Fortunately, that’s all about to change: Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Tab runs on Android, has two cameras, support for video chat, and offers […]


The Tablet That Stole Christmas

May 11, 2014

Did you know that among holiday shoppers most likely to buy a tablet by the end of the year, the iPad was the clear winner, at 62% vs. only 38% choosing the Kindle Fire. Source


iPad vs Samsung Galaxy Tab

November 24, 2013

We compare one of the leading Android tablets with the Apple iPad. Check out this infographic! Source