The Amazing Journey of Data to the Cloud

May 11, 2014

150 years ago, the first transcontinental telegraph was sent, forever transforming how data was communicated. This shift away from physical delivery began the data revolution, claiming the Pony Express as its first victim just two days after that first telegraph. Fast forward to 2011. You now have applications, social networks, file sharing, teleconferencing, music, videos, […]

The Social CEO

The Social CEO

October 19, 2013

How important are social networks and technologies to the CEOS of UK businesses? Source


Siddhesh Kabe CV Infographic

February 18, 2013

This infographic shows Siddhesh Kabe’s CV. It includes Siddhesh’s technical knowledge, relevant work experience, strengths, academic score, College transcript in figures. This is what happens when a crazy person mixes Red bull in coffee. He wanted to create an Infographic resume and what better way of showing my Salesforce skills that using the Salesforce features […]

Hootsuite: Social Media Dashboard Usage Trends

Hootsuite: Social Media Dashboard Usage Trends

December 9, 2012

HootSuite is a client of Twitter, which focuses on building an application platform. In November the company announced new APIs and Application Exchange. HootSuite integrates with Salesforce via the API Chatter. This means that the user can view the stream of Twitter and talking in the same interface. HootSuite is a natural fit with the […]