How Search Robots Work

April 25, 2014

Can you imagine navigating the web these days without your precious search engine? I didn’t think so. This infographic takes you behind the curtain to show you just how hard those little bots work to index everything from ice sculpting to string theory. Source


The Automated Workplace: Robots on the Rise

February 7, 2014

This infographic uses interesting statistics to track the rise of the robot in the workplace and forecasts the future of industry ruled by automation. Source


How Animatronics Work

January 9, 2014

You may not have heard of Garner Holt Productions, but they are a top developer of animatronics and theme park attractions. Have you ever wanted to know how some of these miraculous projects have been pulled off? Read on to get a sneak peak at the Garner Holt production line. Source


When Will Robots Rule The World?

December 9, 2013

Will robots take over the human job market? Get the latest news and most exciting developments in robotics here. Source

Robot See, Robot Do…Robot Understand.

December 6, 2013

The digital world is of growing importance in the 21st Century, but humans are still physical things. We need machines that can work and interact in meat-space. Machine vision is what allows an industrial robot to find the perfect place to make a weld, or a retina scanner to grant access only to those with […]


Techno Takeover

November 21, 2013

Sure, everyone at work may like you, but is there a chance you could be replaced by a robot? Humans doing the following jobs might want to keep an eye out for a new computerized coworker. Source

The Origin of Pathos

The Origin of Pathos

June 16, 2013

My diagrammatic musings aim to be stimulating distractions and a celebration of traditional graphic and mathematical methods taken out of context, or into new paradigms. But not necessarily useful. Source