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The World’s Resources by Country

April 20, 2013

A country’s economic worth can be measured in more ways than just its GDP and national debt. It is also important to consider the economic potential that lies in the harvesting of the natural resources within its borders. This map shows the top producing countries of each resource, or the proved reserves in the case […]


Groundwater: An Endangered Resource

February 23, 2013

Biodiversity Project, a national advocate for biodiversity, approached Funnel Incorporated to help them educate the media and key target audiences about the interconnectivity of groundwater and the vast network of rivers, streams, wetlands and smaller lakes that form the Great Lakes basin. Source

Glass Half Empty: The Coming Water Wars

Glass Half Empty: The Coming Water Wars

August 25, 2012

Wars are fought over resources more than over any other cause. The one resource that we literally can not live without for more than 2 days will soon be in very short supply. As the population continues to grow and out water supply continues to dry up, will the end come not with a bang […]

Natural Resources: How Long Will They Last?

Natural Resources: How Long Will They Last?

June 17, 2012

We, as human beings, are consumers. We consume food, energy, water and other resources. However, the planet’s natural elements are not infinite and we have to ask the question of how long things like platinum for cars, tantalum for electronics and antimony for prescription drugs will last at the rate we are currently using them. […]