Downtown Los Angeles

June 28, 2014

Who lives, works, and plays in Downtown Los Angeles? The Downtown Center Business Improvement District (DCBID) conducted the most comprehensive demographic study ever produced in Downtown LA, with over 11,000 responses from Downtown residents, workers and visitors. Source

Permanent Residents from Philippines (Canada)

Permanent Residents from Philippines (Canada)

April 25, 2013

This infographic charts the number of permanent Canadian immigrant residents from the Phillipines by category, source country, and destination. Most immigrants came from China and India to Ontario to be live-in caregivers. Source


Virginia’s Changing Racial Demographics

December 14, 2012

Progress 2050 has teamed up with PolicyLink, a national research and action institute advancing economic and social equity, to host a series of roundtables around the country to discuss the demographic projection that by the year 2050, if not sooner, there will no longer be an ethnic majority in our nation. These roundtables bring together […]

Austin, TX

Austin, TX

November 10, 2012

Austin is the live music capital of the world and is known for it’s weirdness. (The fine print disclaimer: All rights reserved by, but feel free to share this with others.) Source