BP Oil Spill

December 20, 2013

Everyone surely remembers the tragic BP explosion and oil spill in 2010 that took the lives of men and wildlife alike. Almost instantaneously, a tidal wave of online reporting carried the story worldwide and continued to spread information about the catastrophe in the weeks and months to come. Here is a look at the online […]


Worldwide violence against journalists

January 18, 2013

Reporters Without Borders has released their list of the 10 most dangerous places in the world in 2011. It is unsurprisingly similar to that published recently by the Committee to Protect Journalists. Both reports indicate an increase in violence against journalists over the last year. J-Source put the important facts and figures from the Reporters […]

The Mehlis Report

The Mehlis Report

August 24, 2012

On February 14, 2005, Prime Minister of Lebanon Rafik al-Hariri was assassinated. Later that year in October, the UN released the final draft of a report that investigated the murder and implicated top-tier officials of both the Syrian and Lebanese governments. This reports is known as the Mehlis Report. This is a representation of the […]