Jacobs Media – Public Radio Tech Survey 3 In A Nutshell

March 22, 2014

Jacobs Media’s Public Radio Technology Web Survey III is the largest such study of its kind, fielded in November 2010, among more than 21,000 respondents across 44 different Public stations covering a variety of formats. It is the third annual survey in the series, conducted among Public Radio listeners who are predominantly members of station […]


Spectrum of Issues

February 11, 2014

Ever wonder who has the rights to use which radio frequencies? Increased demand for wireless bandwidth has forced regulators to get creative. This visualization depicts the allocation of the radio spectrum all the way from 20 kHz to 150 GHz, as well as recent billions spent at auctions by U.S. telecom companies to build our […]


Evolution of the Car Radio

January 6, 2014

When Americans hit the roads this weekend for their Labor Day travels and turn on their car radios, they may not realize just how significantly the car radio has evolved from its origins during the Great Depression Source


Mumbai’s Best Radio Jockey Line-Up

June 15, 2013

Mumbai (India) has a few good Radio Stations, Red FM is among one of them. I listen to it all the times. And found the RJ line up to be the best I have ever listened to in any Radio station. I will be relocating to another City soon and will miss these guys. So […]


The History Of Radio

February 24, 2013

Radio is one of the most important technological inventions in recent history, and paved the road for advanced communication, exploration, entertainment, and music discovery. Since its birth in the late 1890s, radio has evolved to fit the needs of the times. We trace its journey from Tesla to Turntable.fm. Source

Stitcher Dials up Discovery

Stitcher Dials up Discovery

November 22, 2012

Stitcher is the first company dedicated to unlocking millions of hours of content and helping our listeners discover new audio programs based upon actual listening behavior of our entire user base. Source

Media Consolidation: The Illusion of Choice

Media Consolidation: The Illusion of Choice

August 31, 2012

Today, most of our media is controlled by one of six companies. Check out this infographic on the state of media consolidation in the U.S. Source