Have you ever....?

Have you ever….?

March 11, 2013

We asked people a bunch of questions that started with Have you ever… and visualized the most surprising ones. Source


Going Up?

February 5, 2013

What do you do when you wait for the elevator? Do you push the button once and wait patiently? Do you start thinking, “Maybe I didn’t push it hard enough…” and tap it again? Or do you bash repeatedly, like the elevator panel’s a video game controller? The infographic explores how elevator button pushing correlates […]

Studio Feast’s Datalicious Last Supper

Studio Feast’s Datalicious Last Supper

November 7, 2012

“You’re about to die, what’s your last meal?” Since 2007, Studiofeast supper club founder Mike Lee has asked his mailing list subscribers to answer this question to get a better sense of who he’s cooking for. Four years and 1,200 responses later, Lee and the Studio Feast crew decided to mine that data as inspiration […]

Duke in the NBA

Duke in the NBA

September 2, 2012

As part of 2007 Baseball 2007 Preview section, I went to Florida to figure out how the Boston Red Sox’s new pitchers pitches, and made it into full-page illustration. Source