Industry Statistics QR Codes

June 28, 2014

The following infographic provides a brief history of how bar codes and QR codes came into existence as well as some statistics on how they are being used today. Source


The Rise of QR codes

May 11, 2014

QR codes were once something that seemed strange to people, but people are slowly becoming more familiar with them and using them more. This infographic takes a look at the rise of use of QR codes by businesses and consumers and how QR codes can help promote and market a business. Source


Marrying Mobile to Your Marketing Mix

April 7, 2014

Mobile marketing is a booming field today. This infographic provides tips to businesses for the best ways to execute a mobile marketing plan. Source


All About QR Codes

January 27, 2014

QR Codes – You might have seen one before or maybe heard about it – but – whats the story behind it? I designed the Infographic shown below to provide quick stats, facts, and some history about QR Codes. Source


75% of College Students won’t scan your #highered QR codes

December 22, 2013

According to the study conducted by Archrival on 24 US campuses (n=500 with a +/-4.25% margin of error), three quarters of current students won’t probably bother scanning your QR codes (thanks to 2code for the tip). While the majority knows what QR codes are, only 21% managed to scan the one used for this research. […]


Scanapalooza: QR Codes

December 9, 2013

Lab42 surveyed 500 Americans over the age of 13 to discover where people saw QR codes, how they were using them, and why they were scanning (or not). Take a look at the infographic below to see the scantastic results: Source


World of Hi-Tech Mobile phones & Smartphones

November 13, 2013

QR Codes stand for quick response due to the nature and speed in which your smart phone can read them. They are designed and increasingly being utilised by advertisers on static media such as billboards, magazines etc to act as a gateway to digital media. This includes apps, websites and even virtual coupons. The flexibility […]


The rise of QR codes

October 25, 2013

Here is a great infographic from showing the growth of QR codes. They seem to be a pretty hot topic right now but, until QR code reader apps are added as standard with every mobile, there is still a huge debate around if they accessible enough? Here are a few highlights from this infographic: […]

A Picture Speaks 1000 Word... What About infographic

A Picture Speaks 1000 Word… What About infographic

October 8, 2013

We decided that the usual approach to displaying agency credentials can be a little hum drum and dry, no real personality and often cluttered with information which agencies believe is vital to the reader. Out of this frustration was born the Essential Credentials Infographic, an “at a glance” view of our agency. Source

QR Codes Go to College

QR Codes Go to College

October 20, 2012

Unless QR codes become easier, more nimble, and can provide content that engenders a more meaningful connection to the brand or product, students will continue to shower them with apathy. Source