Facebook Commerce

March 11, 2014

One in four people who use Facebook have purchased something through a brand’s Facebook page. With more than 600 million people on the site, this is a huge number and one marketers can’t ignore. Incorporating Facebook fans into your marketing strategy can be a huge advantage to your brand. Source

The Local Web

The Local Web

November 15, 2012

While traditional forms of advertising are still relevant, today’s dollars are spent and customers are captured by means of digital marketing, including social media. In fact, in 2011, over $1 trillion in retail sales could be attributed to web-influenced purchases, according to a study conducted by GroupM Search and Kantar Media Compete. Source


What’s the Best Time of Year to Buy Everything?

May 17, 2012

We pulled out our calendar and did some research to bring you some of the best times of year to buy everything from wedding dresses and houses to electronics and wine. Over the course of the week take a closer look at the best deals for each season. For today, take a look at the […]