Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street

March 13, 2013

Since the Canadian activist group, Adbusters, called for everyone to Occupy Wall Street on September 17, 2011, millions of people worldwide have joined the movement. Pushing primarily for greater wealth equality in the US and less corporate influence over the government, the Occupy movement is one that aims to lessen the gap between the 99% […]


Tibet on Fire

January 24, 2013

Tensions are high across the Tibetan plateau, an area that spans a quarter of China. At least 21 monks and nuns have set themselves on fire in protest of China’s rule over the last year. GlobalPost takes you to ethnically Tibetan parts of China, where the mood may be quiet but each self-immolation reverberates. Source


#protestiram: Tweets Against Police Brutality

January 8, 2013

Tweets against Police brutality by Macedonian Special Task Forces Source


Who Is Occupy Wall Street?

December 30, 2012

The leaderless, anarchic, revolutionary revolution, Occupy Wall Street, continues to evolve. Offshoot Occupy Oakland, for example, is expected to get support from organized labor and established advocacy groups for a massive planned demonstration Wednesday. And now a new study, shared exclusively with Fast Company, offers insight into participants. They span age and income groups, are […]

Occupy Wall Street Collects Money with WePay

Occupy Wall Street Collects Money with WePay

November 18, 2012

Since September 17, 2011, thousands of demonstrators have come together to protest the growing wealth disparity in America. WePay has provided Occupy campaigns an easy and quick way to accept donations online. Over 350 Occupy related donation campaigns have raised over $400,000 through WePay. At WePay, we wanted to get to know the people behind […]


World’s Wealthiest People Now Richer than Before

November 9, 2012

More than a month into the Occupy Wall Street protests have many media outlets and political pundits wondering about the movement’s funding. Where do all these unemployed, so-called smelly hippie-types get their money anyway? Source

How to Survive a Protest

How to Survive a Protest

September 27, 2012

Tired of being screwed by “The Man”? Has studying philosophy and French at your four-year liberal arts school left you physically incapble of starting a violent riot? Do you still naively believe that peaceful protests could affect change in a democratically elected government? Well, you’re in luck! With “Occupy Wall Street” in full swing and […]