Facebook and Websense Partner to Protect Users from Malicious Links

May 9, 2014

At Websense, we are all about innovation and changing the security game. We were the first company to promote and enable our customers to embrace safe, productive use of social with our web security gateway, the first to deliver security and anti-spam to protect companies presence within Facebook with Defensio, and now we are assisting […]


Worldwide Information Security Products Spend

March 31, 2014

Today’s most damaging cyber attacks are nothing like “hit and run” attacks of the past. They take place over a period of time and have multiple, distinct phases. Since there are many parallels between a home burglary and a cyber attack, this infographic from CounterTack (www.CounterTack.com) helps to illustrate each phase of an attack, while […]


What Small Businesses Should Know About Virtualization security

November 13, 2013

Many SMEs are discovering the advantages that virtualization can bring to their businesses. However, many are also putting their data at risk by failing to ensure that their virtualization solutions are properly secured and protected. Take a look at the infographic for some surprising facts about small business virtualization security, and find out how you […]

Medical Identity Theft Rates in America

Medical Identity Theft Rates in America

June 26, 2013

ProtectMyID commissioned a study with the Ponemon Institue about Medical Identity theft across America. Some states did well, others were not to health. Source

Public Service Message: Protect Yourself

Public Service Message: Protect Yourself

June 26, 2012

Here is an infographic showing some simple tips to follow on how to protect yourself. Take a look! Source