The Value of Property Management

January 1, 2014

We asked some landlords what they thought were the advantages of professional property management. Source


UK Property Mobile Reception

November 6, 2013

84 per cent of UK home hunters said their decision to rent or buy a property would depend on a property’s mobile coverage – and drive them to either be put off or to ask for a discount. Only 16 per cent wouldn’t be worried by a poor signal. Source


Modern Land Grab: Where & Why Are Foreigners buying US real estate

October 20, 2013

Certain areas of the country are hot for foreign buyers of real estate and according to the info on this real estate infographic, 62% of them are buying real estate with cash. Find out if you are soon to be a minority in your neighborhood. Source

Property Taxes on Owner-Occupied Housing

Property Taxes on Owner-Occupied Housing

May 1, 2013

This infographic focuses on property taxes paid by households on owner-occupied housing per state. It does not include taxes paid by businesses or renters. Read on for more information about different property taxes in different parts of the United States. Source


Football Hooliganism

February 25, 2013

Take one dash of colour, add a sprinkle of wit and stir in a huge dollop of property knowledge. What do you get? The latest creative and quirky graphic, of course. . Source


Deadliest Natural Disasters

February 13, 2013

For homeowners, natural disasters aren’t only the deadliest and costliest things that can happen to your house, but they are also the most unexpected. To help you prepare for the disaster that is most likely to occur in your geographical area, we present to you our risk assessment map along with ways to fortify your […]

Football - The Home Game

Football – The Home Game

September 18, 2012

No Description Source