A Few Limbach Highlights

February 18, 2014

At the close of 2011, we wanted a visually enticing way to communicate Limbach’s highlights from the year. The intended mediums included their social media channels, internal blog and GAPPS powered intranet. Source


Spark The Rise

February 12, 2014

Seven days into Spark The Rise and we have received an influx – nay a tidal wave – of project proposals that have challenged our servers, perked up our programmers and fired up the lightbulb of inspiration. We now have proof (as if it was ever needed) that the good people of India are positively […]


How The Internet Would Look Like As A Subway

February 25, 2013

As you may have noticed we all do little creative projects here at Simply Zesty for the blog which are not client work. We don’t make as much money as Google to turn this in to 20% creative time but letting the creative juices flow is important.


Top 15 Rules To Graduate In CIS Major

January 27, 2013

Many of CIS ( computer information systems ) seniors in they last year suffer from writing their graduation project (research paper) , In this Infographic design there are the most important and top 15 steps of rules that the CIS Student needs to complete & fulfill in his/her Graduation Project . Source

Down To Earth Key Dates

Down To Earth Key Dates

June 13, 2012

Discover the most important key dates in Danone’s economic and societal dual project. Source