The Flying White House

April 11, 2014

Air Force One. It’s a flying fortress representing economic, technological, and military strength, and keeping the President of The United States connected and secure while in the sky. Two Boeing 747-200’s have fulfilled this role since 1990, delivered at a cost of $650 million. Source

The Presidential Race: Will Their Fans Take Them White House

The Presidential Race: Will Their Fans Take Them White House

March 19, 2013

Some insightful results showing the leading presidential candidate in Iowa Caucus Source

Six Decades on the Job

Six Decades on the Job

March 11, 2013

The Gallup Presidential Poll has been administered since 1938. This infographic from 2000 displays approval ratings through the years and highlights important events that occurred during each presidency. Source


Where Twitter’s Town Hall Left Us Hanging

February 25, 2013

On July 6, the Twitterverse gathered to join in the first-ever Twitter town hall meeting with President Obama. Tens of thousands of tweeted questions were narrowed down to a chosen few, which Twitter’s Executive Chairman Jack Dorsey read to the president. Here, we explore what everyone had on their minds, and what didn’t make it […]


The Presidential Race

February 21, 2013

Will these presidential candidates’ Facebook fans take them to the White House in the 2012 election? Source


Presidents Setting Precedent

February 20, 2013

While most people — probably most especially students — don’t tend to think of them as such, college presidents are actually quite cutting edge. In fact, college presidents are more likely than the general public to be using a number of new technologies including smartphones, tablets, e-readers and social media accounts. This enthusiasm for technology […]


Donald Trump Almost Ran for President After Filing Bankruptcy

January 27, 2013

From the beginning, many people believed Trump was running for president as a mere ploy for attention. What with him dropping out of the race so early, speculators can only wonder if this is true. Would Trump have made a good president? Find out if his intimate knowledge of the bankruptcy law and debt would […]


Who Wants to Be President?

January 20, 2013

Looking to get rich quick by becoming the president of a country? The United States might not be the first place you apply for a job. You also can find a presidential gig in a country other than the US where it won’t cost you as much to build that vacation home to retreat to […]

Ex Croatian President

Ex Croatian President’s Residence

December 2, 2012



Talkin’ Taxes with Uncle Yam

November 21, 2012

Wonder what politicians’ tax bills really mean? GrubHub breaks down the numbers. Source

Presidential Inaugural Addresses

Presidential Inaugural Addresses

October 27, 2012

In your lifetime, you will most likely see many new presidents of the United States take office. Before they do, each one will make an inaugural address to the nation. Some of these speeches are famous for their inspirational messages and expressions of hope. However, some have been a little boring a long-winded. Do you […]

Control of Birth Control

Control of Birth Control

October 11, 2012

When President Obama signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in 2012, the bill included a requirement that companies cover the cost of FDA-approved contraceptive drugs and services with no charge to employees. The provision became controversial among religious conservatives, forcing Obama to shift responsibility for contraceptive costs to insurance providers when employers object […]