The Flying White House

April 11, 2014

Air Force One. It’s a flying fortress representing economic, technological, and military strength, and keeping the President of The United States connected and secure while in the sky. Two Boeing 747-200’s have fulfilled this role since 1990, delivered at a cost of $650 million. Source

Six Decades on the Job

Six Decades on the Job

March 11, 2013

The Gallup Presidential Poll has been administered since 1938. This infographic from 2000 displays approval ratings through the years and highlights important events that occurred during each presidency. Source


In a Decisive Victory, Obama Reshapes the Electoral Map

January 19, 2013

Barack Obama’s historic win, with at least 349 electoral votes to John McCain’s 162, can be attributed to his victories in several high-population states, like Florida, Virginia, and Ohio, that George W. Bush won handily in 2004. The struggling economy, especially in more industrial states, and high numbers of new voters helped flip key areas […]

Barack Obama

Barack Obama’s 50th Birthday

September 5, 2012

Barack Obama is turning 50. From the crib to the Oval Office, here are the numbers behind the world’s most powerful man. Source