Privacy Policies

May 8, 2014

I took a look at the top 1,000 websites (according to Quantcast) Privacy Policies and looked through for trends and to help the average internet user understand them. Source


Government as a Platform

January 8, 2014

What “government as a platform” might look like in practice therefore, is a government opening itself up (from a data, policy and function perspective) and letting entrepreneurs build apps (real or virtual) to help facilitate the various functions of government in a more effective / efficient way. Source


Bio Rhythm: A Comprehensive Look at Worldwide Innovation

November 7, 2013

Biotechnology is constantly changing. The release of a new patent, an adjustment to a government policy, or a private financial boost can catapult an obscure firm into the worldwide arena that pushes science forward. below is a look at the current state of monetary investments and the innovation they stimulate around the globe. Source

Why It

Why It’s Time to Fight the Chamber of Commerce

March 29, 2013

According to this infographic, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce spends hundreds of millions of dollars to sway opinion on climate change. In the 2010 mid-term elections, 94% of the funds they spent went toward candidates who deny that climate change is happening. Big and small businesses alike can choose to split with the U.S. Chamber […]


The Great Prosperity and The Great Regression

February 26, 2013

Before 1970, wages and overall compensation for production and non-supervisory workers tracked steadily upward alongside gains in productivity. From 1980 to 2009, no one did better than the top fifth. The poorest lost ground. Source


Adding to the deficit: Bush vs. Obama

February 13, 2013

Since President Obama became chief executive, the national debt has risen almost $5 trillion. But how much of that was because of policies passed by Obama, and how much was caused by the ?nancial crisis, the continuation of past policies and other effects? For this analysis, we worked with the Center on Budget and Policy […]


America’s Report Card

February 8, 2013

As we ramp up to the 2012 election, politicians are really starting to grandstand about their accomplishments, but what do the everyday people think about how their state is doing? Source

The State of Affairs with Medical Marijuana

The State of Affairs with Medical Marijuana

December 7, 2012

Here is a State of Affairs with Medical Marijuana in the United States. A Breakdown of state policies, statistics and trivia. Source

Learning out of Poverty

Learning out of Poverty

September 3, 2012