Top 25 Example-Based Photoshop Tutorials of 2011 Template

December 24, 2013

Photographs are an important aspect in our life. It can be of anything and from anywhere. But pictures will just be pictures unless you do something special on it. That’s why Photoshop came to existence. Imagine what you can do to photographs if you use Photoshop to manipulate it. See the image? Well, you can […]


Oh Snap! How to Shot by a Sartorialist

November 4, 2013

Wanna get your picture taken by a Sarotrialist? Here are some tips on how to have that happen! Source

Facebook Brand Pages Lag Behind In

Facebook Brand Pages Lag Behind In ‘Likes

August 7, 2013

Facebook brand pages have been ’liked‘ by only 9% of Internet users — trailing the number of ‘likes’ for all other Facebook elements — according to the latest JustAsk! survey from audience research and targeting company Crowd Science. Source



May 17, 2013

Pictographik = graphic design/ digital illustration/ typography. Have a cup of tea, take a look around. If your brain engages with the information relayed by your optical receptors, get in touch. Source

Photography Tips

Photography Tips

November 25, 2012

Just because you can pick up a camera and snap some pictures doesn’t mean you are a top photographer. We can all take some pointers from the pros when it comes to capturing the best photos ever before we post them to our Flickr accounts. This infographic has great tips on capturing that magical shot […]

My IPhone Photo

My IPhone Photo

November 9, 2012

This infographic provides all the statistical data on images taken on the IPhone. It provides information like how many pictures are taken on average, which country takes the most photos on their IPhones and what time of day pictures are taken. Source

Facebook Photos

Facebook Photos

August 3, 2012

People upload photos onto Facebook constantly. From photos of newborn babies and weddings to crazy nights out on the town, people love to share what they are doing (and make other people jealous) by posting pictures onto the site. But how much do you know about the Facebook photo process? This infographic looks at Facebook […]

Show Your Photography Clients Some Love

Show Your Photography Clients Some Love

June 8, 2012

Here is a clever little infographic to remind us how to show our clients some love. This will quickly translate into a great reputation and lots of referrals. Source

Words + Pictures

May 24, 2012

We often express our thoughts through words, but a more powerful expression of our thoughts and feelings are through words and pictures. This infographic gives ideas for how to bring words and pictures together to create works of artistic expression. Source