How To Structure A Mini Campaign

December 3, 2013

A smaller goal is not the mini-campaign’s sole characteristic—it is narrowly scoped across all components of a traditional campaign. The mini-campaign’s downsized characteristics—timeframe, staff and ally involvement, and activity—enhance flexibility in today’s volatile market by allowing for more frequent strategy adjustments and minimizing staff and ally burnout. Learn the four components critical to executing a […]


Data, Data Everywhere

December 23, 2012

Yes, social change is often slow and always challenging to execute. But in this age, when computers have made data of all kinds easy and inexpensive to collect and analyze, why would anyone who is passionate about their charity’s work not want to know how it was performing? Source


Surprising Facts About Car Donations

December 21, 2012

Car donations are becoming more popular as people are beginning to take advantage of the tax deductions available. Based on data collected by, this infographic provides information about what kind of people donate cars, what kind of cars they donate, and what how much money it generates for charity. Source

Redefining Action Hero: Bill Gates is Better Than Batman

Redefining Action Hero: Bill Gates is Better Than Batman

November 23, 2012

Obviously most of us don’t have the kind of capital that Bill Gates has to work with, but I feel that everyone could learn from his philosophy towards philanthropy. I admire that his approach is both compassionate and practical. He sees charitable endeavors as something well worth investing in, because ultimately everyone benefits from an […]

100 Years of Great Toys

100 Years of Great Toys

September 3, 2012

Holiday card from chronicling some of the most popular toys over the last 100 years. Source

Charitable Giving by Top Philanthropists

Charitable Giving by Top Philanthropists

August 14, 2012

This infographic is inspired by the The ?Sunday Times Rich List 2011 – an annual list of the wealthiest 100 people in the UK. In collaboration with the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF), this list also captures information about charitable giving. New to for 2011 are more detailed questions about motivations for charitable giving and views […]

Connection 4 Change - How it Works

Connection 4 Change – How it Works

August 2, 2012

This is the infographic for COnnection 4 Change, a non-profit organization that seeks to connect business with non-profit organizations though a platform of coupons and other micro-donation programming. Source