300000 Apps in the App Store

April 12, 2014

There are now 300000 Apps in the App Store. App of the Day takes a look at the numbers. App of the Day helps you find the best iPhone and iPod touch apps including games, utilities, productivity, social media, and news. Source


Mobile Technology in Uganda

March 14, 2014

This week, iHub Research focuses on Uganda as part of the ongoing study into Mobile Technology in Africa. While Uganda’s teledensity may not be as impressive as Kenya’s, at 41% it is still significant and growing. Despite the fact that there are five Mobile Network Operators in Uganda, MTN dominates the market with a lion’s […]


Technology Use of the Zero to Eight Year Old Set

January 6, 2014

Commonsense Media suggests that television remains dominant in terms of the number of hours consumed by the zero to eight year old group. To give a perspective on this, children under 1 watch more than two-times as much TV and videos as they do reading books or being read to. Source


Businesses Waste $10,375/Person /Year On Distractions

January 4, 2014

According to a recent industry survey, businesses waste $10,375 per person, per year on workplace distractions, more than the average US driver will spend to own and maintain their car. The majority of these distractions are digital. Source


The State of the Internet

December 24, 2013

Here we take a look at exactly who is using the Internet the most, how they are using it and how much the amount of usage is increasing. At a glance, we can see that there are the same number of men and women who use the Internet. However, their age, educational background and level […]


Mobile phones in Africa

December 21, 2013

Infographic depicting smart and “dumb” mobile phone numbers on the African continent. Data from Informa Telecoms & Media. Source


Mobile Traffic Statistics

December 17, 2013

This shows data from a selection of 40 sites that have significant traffic (at least 1000 unique visits per day, average). The sites covered the following four main market sectors: Tech and Electronics, Health and Beauty, News and Travel. Data from 10 sites of each niche were used. Source


AT&T claims “Fastest network in US”

November 15, 2013

AT&T commissioned a comprehensive speed test of it’s network by third party Global Wireless Solutions. The conveniently colored graph published by the company shows AT&T 60% faster than Verizon Wireless, 55% faster than Sprint and 20% than T-Mobile. Source


The rise of QR codes

October 25, 2013

Here is a great infographic from queaar.com showing the growth of QR codes. They seem to be a pretty hot topic right now but, until QR code reader apps are added as standard with every mobile, there is still a huge debate around if they accessible enough? Here are a few highlights from this infographic: […]

Women In Numbers

Women In Numbers

August 4, 2013

The response to Fast Company’s recent feature story, “The Case for Girls,” has been incredible. First, digital agency AKQA’s mock ad campaign became a real-life call to action and a mobilizing worldwide event. Now social media agency Lovesocial has announced a partnership with indie doc Miss Representation and reached out to Fast Company to create […]

Facebook Grows Up

Facebook Grows Up

June 22, 2013

Facebook’s demographics have changed dramatically in the last several years and site is now attracting more older users. And, this got us thinking: why did this never happen to Myspace? This graphic illustrates some of the trends across the two sites, and highlights some of their distinct differences, which especially with regards to features, may […]

Obesity Worldwide

Obesity Worldwide

April 25, 2013

It’s not that surprising hearing about obesity everywhere. As a matter of fact, 65% of world’s population live in countries where they are more likely to die from obesity than malnutrition. According to the research, 300 million women are obese as compared to 200 men. Take a look at this infographic for more facts on […]