Recruiter – Reasons to use a Recruiter

February 18, 2014

An illustration of the benefits of using a recruiter to hire the right person for the job. The cost of a bad hire. The cost of waste advertising money. Source


Competitiveness Of US Small Business

January 21, 2014

Small business with less than 100 employees represent 99% of all employers. Here we take a look at how significant small businesses are on a state-by-state basis. Source


Payroll Process – Outsourcing & Benefits

December 25, 2013

This info-graphics consist of payroll process – outsourcing and its benefits, can easily understand the concept and helps to take fast organisational decisions. Payroll processing technologies from TalentPro have always been well ahead of times. Their design and delivery empower managers, payroll administrators and employees to accomplish their organisational goals. For more information Source

Charitable Payroll Deductions (

Charitable Payroll Deductions (“How it Works”)

December 9, 2012

Our team has put together an infographic that supports how charitable payroll deductions work, which is a follow up to our latest CSRinsights. Source