Inventing Across Borders

June 28, 2014

Often, inventions don’t happen in one place, but spring simultaneously from bright minds around the world. This graphic visualizing international collaboration shows the ease with which researchers from different countries can interact. The connections shown here come from applications under the international Patent Cooperation Treaty between 2004 and 2006. Source


The Great Patent War: Samsung vs. Apple

February 14, 2014

Apple vs. Samsung. Who is suing whom? Where did it start? What is at stake? Is the Galaxy Tab still banned in Germany? Who’s pulling ahead in California: Samsung or Apple? Trying to find out exactly how far along the great patent fight is is no easy task, but we’ve spent the last three weeks […]


The Problem With Patents

January 23, 2014

This infographic discusses some of the facts behind the patent industry and how it’s changed as software, technology, and the internet have developed at an incredible pace. I find the information to say a lot about the state of development and innovation; both how important it can be to everyday life, and the problems it […]


Powering Up the AT&T Foundry to Power Up Innovation

January 17, 2014

We’re proud of AT&T’s history of innovation. We’ve won eight Nobel Prizes through the years, and we earned more than 1,000 patents in 2010 alone. But the AT&T Foundry innovation centers represent a new direction. Source


Patent Evil: How The Patent War Is Stifling Innovation In Silicon Valley

December 7, 2013

Patents were initially created to protect innovation, but they are being used as weapons by evil tech companies and patent trolls. Whether buying up patents to protect against lawsuits or amassing them in order to sue others, these villains have valued profit over creation. This is becoming a crisis, but we will prevail. Check out […]