Patent Evil: How The Patent War Is Stifling Innovation In Silicon Valley

December 7, 2013

Patents were initially created to protect innovation, but they are being used as weapons by evil tech companies and patent trolls. Whether buying up patents to protect against lawsuits or amassing them in order to sue others, these villains have valued profit over creation. This is becoming a crisis, but we will prevail. Check out […]

MO Patents, MO Problems: Patent Lawsuit Economy

MO Patents, MO Problems: Patent Lawsuit Economy

September 25, 2012

Patent litigation is when an inventor or other practicing entity owns a patent, and that patent is infringed upon by a third party. Patent trolls have become a huge problem clogging up the legal system with frivolous lawsuits and forcing good companies to defend their innovations. If all patent litigations were adjudicated in 2008 the […]