AMD 2011 Global Cloud Computing Adoption

April 22, 2014

So what is behind all of these clouds? A lot of sophisticated infrastructure – large server farms, high end networks, and petabytes of storage. A bit overwhelming. But once again let’s take a different look at cloud computing by keying in on one of the most basic component of any cloud – the processor. Source


Meet Blood: Water Mission

December 21, 2012

Although it started as a small passion project in 2005, Blood: Water Mission has since become an extraordinary organization with multiple operations and international reach. But they aren’t just bringing clean water and better sanitation to all different parts of Africa — they’re also using thoughtful, effective marketing strategies to get the most out of […]


Why Dental Service Organizations Are Here to Stay

December 16, 2012

The numbers don’t lie, and the truth is that dental group practice members are growing at nearly three times the rate of the dental industry itself. There must be good reasons why so many dental professionals are sinking their teeth into groups. Source

How to De-Clutter Your Office

How to De-Clutter Your Office

June 19, 2012

Is your office out of control with papers, old electronics, cables and useless furniture? This infographic will give you helpful tips to de-clutter your office and help you become a more effective and productive worker. Source