How Retailers Are Adapting to the Mobile Shopping Craze

July 18, 2014

Like it or not, the time for retailers to adopt a mobile strategy is over. Shoppers are using smart phones and mobile devices for all manner of shopping activities, including price comparison, product information, local inventory lookup, reviews, and more. Retailers are striving to improve their mobile shopping experience to meet the demands of today’s […]


How are Australians Shopping Online?

July 11, 2014

With the online retail industry growing ever so quickly in Australia, it is important to understand how Australians are shopping online. Source


Streaming Killed The Video Star?

July 7, 2014

According to the latest 2011 Nielsen Cross-Platform report, interesting trends are emerging in the realm of video viewership that reflect the growing mobility of Americans today. It raises the question: is online video indeed giving network a run for its money? Source


Integrating Online Marketing With a B2B Sales process

July 3, 2014

This manual should show every employee how your company is breathing sales both online and offline and what kind of activities (KPI) you are expecting from your sales people on daily basis. Source


Age Structure of Online Population in 2010 – CEE Region

July 1, 2014

This data visualization depicts internet usage by age group in the central and eastern European countries. Source


What’s Changing Online Behaviour?

June 24, 2014

‘Living with the internet: A Global Study of What’s Driving Web Behaviour’ is a major piece of research conducted by Microsoft Advertising, Mindshare and MEC. It revisits a 2007 study, Context Matters, and explores changing online behaviour to show how digital media consumption has developed.


Free Shipping

June 18, 2014

One of the biggest challenges Internet retailers have faced since day one is resistance to shipping fees. To make shopping on the web more like shopping in person, some merchants began offering shipping with online orders. Does free shipping really motivate website visitors to buy more? Let’s find out. Source


What Happens in an Internet Minute?

June 15, 2014

Computing is transforming and touching more people in a wider range of devices. From smartphones to tablets, netbooks and notebooks and even automotive; it can often seem like every one of us is connected. But while it’s hard to miss the proliferation of portable devices, it’s what we don’t see that’s the bigger issue. Source


Gender Gaps in Technology

June 13, 2014

Take on some statistics showing the differences between men and women when it comes to the world of mobile technology, guided by a lovely robot couple. Source


Browse ‘n Move – The State and Trends of Mobile Internet

June 3, 2014

Oh, mobile browsing – one of the hottest topics these days isn’t it? Now that all the cool kids and their grandmas have Internet access on their mobile gadgets (90% of the population has mobile network coverage!), we can take a look at how they’re using it, where, and what should we expect from the […]


How the Web Is Re-Inventing Employee Training

May 24, 2014

With the Internet becoming increasingly more powerful, a growing number of corporate employers are turning to the web for employee training. Through customized online learning courses, members can now transcend the four walls of a traditional classroom and learn at any time and any place, effectively redefining the landscape of education. Here we explore the […]


Are You Running Enough Tests on Your Website?

May 15, 2014

The number one goal for online retailers is to consistently deliver engaging website experiences. In order to accomplish this, marketers must execute multiple test campaigns simultaneously to discover which offers, messages, and presentations create a winning formula. Source