Online Payment Security

May 11, 2014

With e-commerce spending breaking the $150 billion mark in 2011, 79 percent of consumers are eager to purchase more online-if given easier and more secure payment options. Find out what other concerns consumers have about online shopping. Source


How to Swipe Your Cell Phone to Pay for Lunch

February 14, 2014

Mobile payments are the currency of the future. Why have a phone, wallet and keys when you can just have one device that does it all? Google Wallet just launched and although this infographic was posted before the topic, now more players are in the game. Source


The Global Rise of Mobile Payments

December 8, 2013

With the excitement building around near field communication (NFC) mobile payments, it seems like paying by phone is about to turn a corner. But it’s helpful to remember that this is part of a long process that goes back over a decade. Source