UK Burglary Statistics

December 26, 2012

The UK Burglary Statistics infographic was created by my team at Arena Media for our client, Tesco Compare. After stumbling upon interesting data on crime statistics from the Home Office we decided to create an infographic to inform people about the rate of burglaries in different UK areas, most commonly stolen items, and the strategies […]


What is an Infographic?

December 23, 2012

Infographics is a clear and effective communication in an aesthetically pleasing way. If you’re unsure what an infographic is, this inforgraphic from EVR Advertising will help you understand. Source


World’s Highest Paid Leaders

September 29, 2012

Do you know much our beloved leaders get paid to manage our country? Do you earn more than them or do they earn more than you? Source


Valentine’s Day Infographic – 14 Signs hesitate you

June 2, 2012

Break out the hearts and champagne; Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. In the spirit of the holiday, would like to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day with our new infographic. It might be a little naughty, but who can blame us when there’s love in the air? As you shop for that […]