Fracking: Economic Boom or Safety Bust?

October 18, 2013

The topic of fracking has been a hot button issue in the news over the last few years. With documentaries such as Gasland and celebrities publicizing inaccurate information and fears, we decided it was important to make an infographic that expands on the topic and gives real facts about fracking. Advanced Micro Instruments, Inc.


Resource Consumption by Country

January 3, 2013

Knowing where resources are produced is only half of the equation. To really understand the role that natural resources play in a country’s overall economic picture, you have to understand how those resources are consumed. As you’d guess, the largest populations do tend to be the largest consumers, but it’s interesting to note that some […]

World Energy Supply 1971 - 2030

World Energy Supply 1971 – 2030

December 11, 2012

Burning fossil fuels such as coal, gas, and oil used to be the go-to source for energy around the world. Now, as we deplete our non-renewable energy sources, we need to develop clean energy technology so that we can power our lives and protect the environment. This visualization charts the past, present, and future of […]

Coal Plant Production

Coal Plant Production

September 29, 2012

This infographic looks at the use and production per year/day of coal and how much goes into a factory or store. Source

The Quest to Power: Africa a Continent in ...

The Quest to Power: Africa a Continent in …

September 5, 2012

This infographic provides information about social and economic services in countries throughout Africa. The data shows that, although Africa is the second largest continent in the world, it’s the poorest continent. It illustrates how resources are divided in Africa in this economic environment. Source

Mining Mountains

Mining Mountains

July 12, 2012

Between a damning write-up in Rolling Stone and a string of vocal protests, the practice of mountaintop-removal mining has gained huge notoriety in recent years. The coal-mining process is common in Appalachia, especially West Virginia. According to many scientists, it also causes significant environmental damage. This infographic explains the controversial process and its effect on […]