Mountain Folklore

June 19, 2013

Mountain homes designed by RankPop

Home Security Quiz Cheatsheet

Home Security Quiz Cheatsheet

May 19, 2013

We spent some time myth-busting a few common misperceptions about home burglaries. Source

Blood Donation Myths

Blood Donation Myths

March 29, 2013

Donating blood as critical as it is in saving the lives of so many who depend on it has always been linked to certain beliefs and myths which hold back so many from doing so. Here’s the truth behind some of these myths which need to be popped. Source


Misconception Junction 10 Food Myths

March 1, 2013

As a society there are common myths that we have about food, such as believing that white chocolate is chocolate. This interesting provides the real facts about common food myths. Source


The Game of Life

February 12, 2013

We have a great new graphic on The Game of Life – revealing some interesting misconceptions and myths about life insurance & income protection. Source

10 Common Misconceptions Dispelled

10 Common Misconceptions Dispelled

October 26, 2012

Here are 10 common misconceptions by people like muscle turns to fat if you stop exercising, red juice in raw meat is blood, ostrichs hide their heads in the sand and many more. Source

8 College Sports Myths

8 College Sports Myths

October 15, 2012

In recent news, the monetary benefits that college sports and athletes receive have been a hot topic. Although truths are involved, there certainly are myths as well. Source

Energy Myths, Misconceptions, and Lies

Energy Myths, Misconceptions, and Lies

October 8, 2012

What can any of us do to reduce our energy consumption? We hear a lot about wind turbines, solar panels, and electric cars but are there hidden costs? As long as an appliance is turned off it doesn’t use any energy, right? Find out the sometimes surprising answers to these questions and more. Source

2012: The End of the World?

September 20, 2012

A piece exploring the myths around 2012, Mayan Prophecy, geomagnetic reversal, The Long Count, consciousness shifts, Hunab Ku, galactica alignment, the Precession Of The Equinoxes, rogue planet Nibiru, solar storms, pole shifts, timewave zero, the return of Quetzalcoatl and THE END OF THE WORLD December 21st 2012! Source