Google Music vs. iTunes vs. Amazon MP3

July 15, 2014

On Wednesday, Google announced its long awaited music service, called simply Google Music. The service’s online music store, which currently boasts 8 million tracks (with 5 million more on the way) will sell songs and albums directly through the Android Market. Source


The iPod Nano: How it’s changed over the years

May 19, 2014

Apple’s iPod revolutionized how we store and listen to music. The iPod has since evolved to include many different models for various lifestyles. This infographic examines the evolution of the iPod nano from the iPod mini of 2004 to the iPod nano 6th generation of 2010 and everything inbetween. Source


The History of Headphones

February 18, 2014

Headphones have been wrapping our ears in music for almost a century, gradually evolving from a niche product to a mass-market $1+ billion revenue generator. The latest headphones craze: celebrity endorsements and fashion designs. This infographic explores the history of headphones, from their humble beginnings in the 1920s until today. Source


The Path to 10 Billion iTunes Downloads

February 13, 2014

When the iTunes Music Store launched on April 28th 2003 1 million tracks were downloaded within the first 5 days. Since then, billions of tracks have been downloaded.


The Evolution of File Storage

February 8, 2014

The illustration focuses heavily on how as storage devices have reduced in size, the actual amount of information that they can store has increased in size. For example, a large wax cylinder from the year 1880 could hold 7 minutes of audio information while a small modern IPod can hold 800-1000 hours of audio information. […]


Generation Cloud

February 6, 2014

Every day we’re using ‘the cloud’ more and more – often unknowingly – as we transition and deposit our lives online – music, movies, emails, photos, family videos, and even work data – using cloud services. Source


The iPod Revolution

January 23, 2014

If you told people in 1970 that in the very near future you would be able to have your entire record collection inside a device that could fit in the palm of your hand, they would probably have laughed in your face. Now people who still use CD players are considered old-fashioned. This infographic looks […]


Physical Storage vs. Digital Storage

January 17, 2014

Recording information is an inherent part of our humanity. As we evolve, we create more efficient means of storing this information. Since the creation of computers, we have greatly increase our ability to store and access large quantites of information. Source


The History of the iPod

January 9, 2014

Apple released the iTunes software and iPod series of music players in 2001 and they went on to become some of the most successful products of all time. From that original chunky white iPod down through the Mini, Shuffle, Nano, Video, and Touch variations, this infographic displays the sales, prices, storage capacity, and battery life […]


The History Of HiFi

January 7, 2014

High fidelity sound has had a tumultuous journey from its birth in the early part of the 20th century to its rebirth in the form of high quality digital music. Here is a look at the ups and downs in the short history of HiFi. Source



November 18, 2013

SXSW takes over Austin next month for nine days of mayhem. From March 9-18, 2012, Austin belongs to South By Southwest, and your life belongs to the fear of missing out on the coolest part of the annual festival. Over 38,000 people are expected to attend over 5,000 events over ten days and nights…it’s going […]


The History of Portable Music

November 10, 2013

From 1954’s transistor radio to the iPod, everything in between and beyond. Source