How Technology Has Changed Raising Children

How Technology Has Changed Raising Children

August 2, 2013

There may be nothing more blissful than becoming a mom. Whether it is your first or fifth time at the rodeo, it is always an interesting and wonderful journey. These days the journey is far easier with the help of new age technology. Our new infographic explores how different raising a child is today – […]


What’s The ROI Of Your Mom?

March 8, 2013

From a good night kiss to being your biggest supporter, it sometimes feels like your mom can do anything. But what is the true value of your mother? This infographic examines the ROI of your MOM. Source


I’m Pregnant! – Moms’ Reactions News

November 7, 2012

Circle of Moms surveyed over 750,000 members to hear, in mom’s own words, what they feel, do, and think when they first learn they are pregnant. Responses ranged from “excited” (33%) to “scared sh*tless!” (.6%). And who were they most likely to tell first? Source

The Truth About Mother

The Truth About Mother’s Day in America

October 25, 2012

There is no love like the love of a mother and each year on Mother’s Day we all get to celebrate and thank our mother’s for bringing us into the world. Mother’s Day started in 1870 as a call to celebrate peace and love in light of the blood and killing of war. The holiday […]

What is a Mom

What is a Mom’s Work Worth?

October 19, 2012

What many moms can tell you is that being a mom is alot of hard work that does not pay in monetary value. What if mom were to get paid for all the work that she did? How valuable is mom and just what could she potentially earn? Source

The Rise of the Smartphone Mom

The Rise of the Smartphone Mom

September 29, 2012

App markets originally grew with games, but now we’re starting to see the shift to how smartphones are becoming a part of modern mom’s life in all aspects from safety to social. Source

How do you feed your baby

How do you feed your baby

August 8, 2012

We’ve discovered that there’s some big issues when it comes for parents to feed their babies AGREE, especially in the first years of life. Industrialization has cahanged the way that we eat. It’s lead to the miracle of cheap and abundant calories but it’s also been the root cause of an ever expending obesity epitdemic […]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Mother

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Mother’s Day

July 14, 2012

Mother’s Day is a day to take the time to let the woman who brought you into the world know exactly how you feel about her. There is no love like the love of a mother and thus the importance of a day devoted all to her. This infographic looks at the wonderful holiday all […]

My Mom’s on Facebook?

May 22, 2012

The demographics of the most popular social networking sits are rapidly changing. Today, more than ever, older Internet users are flocking to social sites to join in the conversation. In fact, the most significant growth among these sites in the last several years has been among adults 50 years and older, which has steadily upped […]