Mobile Threat Report

July 3, 2014

Mobile security issues are present on all major mobile platforms, though threats affect each platform differently. In this report, we specifically focus on iOS and Android. Source


Mobile Malware: From Fame to Fortune?

April 19, 2014

We’ve seen the progression of threats from novelty to profit before. To see where we’re heading, we need only to look to the desktop. Looking back over the last twenty years, the evolution of malware on the PC has hit three relatively distinct milestones that we could classify as Ego, Profit, and Political. This cycle […]


Mobile (In)Security

April 15, 2014

Confident Technologies surveyed owners of smartphones and tablets about their security habits. The survey findings revealed that the majority of respondents are taking huge risks by not password-protecting their mobile devices and leaving them logged-in to sensitive applications like banking apps, shopping apps and work email accounts. Read the full survey results at Source


What Does your IPhone know About You, Profile of a Smartphone

April 2, 2014

This infographic provides information for what kind of information your smartphone stores about you and how to protect your identity from a smartphone. Source