Attack of the f In-App Add

July 16, 2014

This infographic provides information about mobile apps and producing in app adds. It first provides data for the number of apps downloaded a day and the percentage of spending on in app adds. Then it provides information for the success rate of in app adds and finally gives tips on producing in app adds that […]


The Anatomy of Mobile Phone Usage

July 2, 2014

Mobile phones are often referred as an extension of ourselves. We use them all the time, even in the most incongruous times or places. Good news, here’s a an interesting infographic that give some very valuable insights on how we use our mobile phones. Source


The Numbers Behind Social Checkins and Branded Mobile Apps

December 6, 2013

Creating branded mobile apps is the hot topic for companies of all sizes, and incorporating social aspects into mobile marketing campaigns is just as hot. It seems like every brand is trying to find out how to engage with consumers who are on the move using social, location-based apps like foursquare and Facebook Places as […]