How Mobile Devices Changed People to Consume Media

June 27, 2014

A nice infographic about impact of mobile devices on the way people consume media today. Source


What Happens in an Internet Minute?

June 15, 2014

Computing is transforming and touching more people in a wider range of devices. From smartphones to tablets, netbooks and notebooks and even automotive; it can often seem like every one of us is connected. But while it’s hard to miss the proliferation of portable devices, it’s what we don’t see that’s the bigger issue. Source


Global Survey Finds Consumers Ready to Write on Mobile Devices

May 28, 2014

Based on a survey of smartphone users, this infographic shows that although there are direct writing apps, people still carry a pen and paper with them, even though they have a smartphone. This infographic shows how people would use mobile devices if they could write on them. Source


BlackBerry vs. iPhone

March 13, 2014

Can’t decide between an iPhone and a Blackberry? Well we can – it’s iPhone handsdown, any day of the week! But if you’re still on the fence on which device to get, check out this infographic.


The Cost of Stolen Laptops Tablets and Smartphones

February 23, 2014

When your laptop, smart phones and tablets get stolen or lost, you lose much more than the cost of the tool. This infographic provides information about how people can unlock and breach your personal information if your technological tools get into other people’s hands. It also provides a list of recommended practices to secure mobile […]


Cell Phone Radiation: More Dangerous Than You Think

January 8, 2014

Explores how cell phones create radiation and how humans can become affected by it. Source


Your Android Fan Boy

December 23, 2013

This Infographic describes physical attributes and personal demeanor of the typical Android fan boy. Source


The State of the Mobile App World

November 9, 2013

The growth of the mobile app population shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, and our thumbs’ appetite for them can’t be satisfied either. This infographic shows who the leaders are in the current mobile world and who will be tops in thumb voting in 2012. Source

Tonia Cowan’ Sketchbook: Mobile infographics

November 8, 2013

As the mobile discussion gains steam here in St. Louis, it is time we consider how infographics and mobile intertwine. If this doesn’t work for you, try this or this. Source

Anatomy of the Federal IT Mobile Workforce

Anatomy of the Federal IT Mobile Workforce

July 8, 2013

A game-changing development is quietly taking place within government agencies. It will have significant implications not only for agencies but also for companies doing business with those agencies. The evidence is so strong, we can safely predict that 2012 will be the year that the majority of government workers go mobile for work—migrating from desktops […]

The TouchPad Effect

The TouchPad Effect

April 30, 2013

This infographic attempts to provide an overview of the 6-month saga that took place after HP discontinued its TouchPad tablet, slashing its price to get rid of inventory. Suddenly, the new tablet was in demand and this created a whole string of events that are outlined in the infographic. Source


How the Millennial Generation Uses Mobile

December 31, 2012

Millennials — that is, American consumers between ages 18 and 34 — are a mobile generation. That much is clear from the infographic. According to data collected by location-based ad network JiWire, Millennials own an average of 2.4 Internet-connected devices. Of those who connect to JiWire’s free Wi-Fi networks, 62% percent are using smartphones and […]