The Marketing Market: Career and Salary Breakdown for Marketing Professionals

June 26, 2014

Marketing as a field produces a large range of salaries. While it is considered taboo to discuss salaries in the workplace, it’s quite interesting to compare salaries across industries and the various factors which can affect a marketers’ wages. Source


Understanding Marketing Automation

June 22, 2014

Marketing automation is the use of technology and software to help move prospects and leads through your sales funnel. As part of a whole inbound marketing philosophy, you can use marketing automation to help take the leads you’re generating from blogging, social media, and other sources, and make them more sales-ready. To learn more about […]


Marketing Trends

June 14, 2014

How are mobile phones changing the face of marketing? This infographic takes a look at the way consumers use mobile phones to shop and learn about new products.


Online PR: Opportunity and Results

June 13, 2014

60% of Americans will judge your company based on your online presence, think about that for a moment. Though your website plays an important role in your online presence, there is more to it. People search for your brand and judge your company based on what comes up on search engines as well. Investing in […]


Saluting Small Business

June 7, 2014

We don’t talk about how to help our merchants get bigger and better on this blog much but we definitely should. Without the hard working, dedicated folks who have set out to open up shop and serve their communities we wouldn’t be here. Source


Anatomy of the Mobile Market

June 6, 2014

Mobile devices are changing the face of online content and communications. People are using their mobile phones and devices to trade stocks, look up movie times and, of course, social network. In fact, over half the world uses mobile phones, which is a huge proportion compared to Internet users and television viewers. Learn more about […]


The B2B Marketing Guide

June 5, 2014

More businesses are trying to embrace online marketing, the trend is here but it seems most of them are still hesitant, I guess we still need to see some significant financial results coming out of social media strategies in order to convince small businesses that such an investment can pay off. Search engine optimization is […]


Marcomms Agencies: Benchmarking Report 2012

May 29, 2014

This year’s Marketing Agencies Benchmarking Report has been made into an easily digestible graphic. It provides a neat top line overview of the state of B2B Marketing at the beginning of 2012. Source


The Rise of QR Codes

May 26, 2014

Queaar Inc is excited to share it’s first infographic on QR Codes. Your feedback is much appreciated. Source


2011 Marketing Trends Survey

May 25, 2014

According to Strongmail’s annual Marketing Trends Survey, the top areas of investment this year for marketing are email marketing and social media. The most important initiatives for 2011 were increasing engagement, and improving segmentation and targeting. 44% of businesses cited a lack of resources or marketing staff as a primary challenge for 2011. 71% of […]



May 24, 2014

With close to one million email sends to a wide range of client lists we decided to do a little digging to see what we could learn about user behaviour and email broadcasts. When are people most likely to respond to email marketing? Source


Tangherlini Brand Building

May 23, 2014

Il nostro fondamento creativo, singole competenze unite nella costruzione di valore. Source