Marketing Trends

June 14, 2014

How are mobile phones changing the face of marketing? This infographic takes a look at the way consumers use mobile phones to shop and learn about new products.


2011 Marketing Trends Survey

May 25, 2014

According to Strongmail’s annual Marketing Trends Survey, the top areas of investment this year for marketing are email marketing and social media. The most important initiatives for 2011 were increasing engagement, and improving segmentation and targeting. 44% of businesses cited a lack of resources or marketing staff as a primary challenge for 2011. 71% of […]


The Retail Phenomenon Called Apple

January 14, 2014

Earlier this month Apple opened doors to its newest and largest store in London’s Covent Garden. We thought it was time to give the 10-year-old retail phenomenon a new look. Apple’s retail store sales for their most recent quarter were $2.58 billion. Each store brings in an average of $35.9 million in sales, which continue […]


Digital Marketing Budgets

December 11, 2013

Over the last few years, businesses and marketers have been seeing a tremendous shift away from traditional marketing towards interactive methods like social media, e-mail marketing and search marketing. The shift necessitates serious reconfiguring of marketing budgets to include these digital marketing channels. Source