The Marketing Lifecycle

July 14, 2014

Explore this infographic’s sample marketing strategy process flow to understand how a holistic marketing strategy maximizes value to buyers at every level of the customer lifecycle Source


Mobile Giving Visualized

March 6, 2014

Of particular note is the profile of the average mobile donor: these donors are young, diverse and digital. If your company seeks to reach millennials and other young, wired deomgraphics, adding mobile to your cause marketing strategy is a good move for 2012. Source


Slideshare: The Quiet Giant of Content Marketing

January 28, 2014

Content marketing is a marketing technique that involves the creation or sharing of content for the purpose of engaging customers. More and more companies are incorporating content marketing into their overall digital strategies.This infographic doesn’t just tout Slideshare’s growth; it also offers stats for creating an “optimal presentation” on the popular site. Source


The Generic Structure of High Performance

October 28, 2013

Ten core innovation strategies of new prduct leaders. Source


The Quirky Process

October 4, 2013

Communication is the key for effective marketing. Branded content has been adapted wholeheartedly by the fashion industry over the last year. With the growing acceptance of online retail by luxury fashion brands the television retailers have also started redesigning their marketing strategies. Source

The Science of Sharing: Introducing the Social Consumer

The Science of Sharing: Introducing the Social Consumer

June 30, 2013

Introducing the new social consumer. To better understand them, we asked 1,500 US consumers about the two products and services they had most recently researched online and how they went about it. Today’s social consumer is one that can either be categorized as a high or low sharer, who utilizes various digital channels differently depending […]

The 2011 CMOs Guide To The Social Landscape

The 2011 CMOs Guide To The Social Landscape

May 18, 2013

These days, marketing channels, platforms, and tools that lack a social component are probably doomed to failure.’s second annual guide will help you determine which ones are a must in your marketing strategy. Source