Madonna Vs. Lady Gaga

Madonna Vs. Lady Gaga

March 7, 2013

Madonna and Lady Gaga: two shameless pop stars willing to try anything, no matter how abominable or shocking , to secure a seat at the top of the charts (and tabloids). Some say that Lady Gaga is merely a Madonna clone, while others sing her praises as a fashionista and a perfect example of a […]


The Madonna fashion evolution

December 23, 2012

Along her 30 years in the entertainment industry, Madonna has influenced not only music (Lady Gaga anyone?) but also fashion, becoming one of the most iconic celebrities of the Pop Culture. Source

Is Madonna the Worst Choice Ever for a Super Bowl Halftime Show

Is Madonna the Worst Choice Ever for a Super Bowl Halftime Show

September 28, 2012

Ad Age and Networked Insights analyzed the social sentiment about Madonna’s upcoming Super Bowl halftime show performance. Looks like she still has the hits, but fumbles with Super Bowl fans. Source

Super Bowl Betting

Super Bowl Betting

September 25, 2012

Most of my favorite memories in the summer involve either some form of the national game or screaming my brains out at a concert. But Pearl Jam isn’t on tour this summer. So baseball will have to do. Luckily, living in Massachusetts, I’m never too far from a game. Source

So You Want To Go To The Super Bowl...

So You Want To Go To The Super Bowl…

August 25, 2012

Here shows the number of teams to win MLS Cup in their home stadium, number of clubs to win back-to-back, find out more in this cool infographic! Source

360° Deals in Music

August 16, 2012

In times of declining music sales, record companies have to find new revenue sources. 360° or multiple rights deals grant labels access to revenue streams beyond record sales (e.g. merchandise and touring) in exchange for a hefty advance and guaranteed payments to the artist. Source