ImagePulse Mobile Photo Uploads

November 18, 2013

This May, Pongr unveiled its new visual sentiment image recognition tool, ImagePulse. ImagePulse uses computer vision technology to track the endless stream of brand photos spread across cyberspace. Source


Marketing Technology Landscape

November 6, 2013

When I first presented the Rise of the Marketing Technologist, my key exhibit was a kaleidoscope of over 100 logos of marketing technology companies — what better way to viscerally express the awe-inspiring explosion of software in marketing. Ever since then, I’ve itched to take that hot mess of a graphic and organize it, group […]

COM 521 - Digital Display Assignment

COM 521 – Digital Display Assignment

August 30, 2012

The infographic displays the creation of the KONY 2012 documentary / movement with the use of pictures. On the left side, the rhetorical components of logos, pathos and ethos are displayed. On the right side is today’s application and the idea of online community, social activism and community. Source