Where to Order Shots in Boston

Where to Order Shots in Boston

March 11, 2013

While craft cocktails are no doubt here to stay, we’ve noticed a more (delightfully) lowbrow trend emerge: the return of the shot. Of course, in our shot research, we had to be fully comprehensive — meaning that in this infographic, you’ll find everything from pricy tequila shots from Lolita to a concoction dubbed “Oxycontin” from […]


Great Beeramid!

January 22, 2013

Here is cute infographic showing how suds stack up in calories and carbohydrates. Source


Americans’ Evolving Taste for Booze

November 17, 2012

Last year, Gallup asked American adults about their preferred alcoholic beverages. The results of the poll reveal a notable trend: The gap is narrowing between beer drinkers and those who prefer wine and liquor. Source

Liquor brands - brand equity on social media

Liquor brands – brand equity on social media

June 13, 2012

Shows the facebook fan engagement for Jack Daniel’s, Smirnoff and Corona brands. While Jack Daniel’s is doing well in absolute numbers, Smirnoff has off late hit higher engagement by bringing exclusive music from Madonna for its facebook fans Source