How to use networking for new business

January 13, 2014

Business networks like BNI have always been a good way to get new leads. But what if there was a way to take these networks into The Next Web? Clintelica gives you the option to share and link your contacts with a group of people and crosscheck the huge resulting network with the prospects companies […]


How Small Business Blogs Increase Sales

December 9, 2013

Often times it’s a challenge to convince small business that starting a blog can significantly help their marketing and increase their sales. We feel this problem stems from the lack of being able to see the “big picture” of small business blogging. We’ve put together this infographic to illustrate how small business blogs increase sales […]


HubSpot Leads Generated

November 23, 2013

This infogaphic shows the number of leads generated at Hubspot in the first five years of the company. Source