A History of BitTorrent

February 24, 2014

BitTorrent is a revolutionary data sharing tool that has made many people happy (free music, movies, and software!) and some people very upset (executives who want everyone to pay for music, movies, and software). This infographic explains how its creation has rippled through the world of media and gaming. Source

Has Your Hip Been Replaced?

Has Your Hip Been Replaced?

October 24, 2012

As crazy as it sounds, there recently was a class action lawsuit against a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary regarding a HIP recall. Due to fault on the company’s part, a whole bunch of people who had hip replacements actually had to have another procedure done to correct an issue. This graphic walks you through the […]

MO Patents, MO Problems: Patent Lawsuit Economy

MO Patents, MO Problems: Patent Lawsuit Economy

September 25, 2012

Patent litigation is when an inventor or other practicing entity owns a patent, and that patent is infringed upon by a third party. Patent trolls have become a huge problem clogging up the legal system with frivolous lawsuits and forcing good companies to defend their innovations. If all patent litigations were adjudicated in 2008 the […]

The Drug Industry

The Drug Industry’s Death Grip on Americas Health Care

May 22, 2012

A look at the top 5 deadliest prescription drugs which, despite their known dangers are still being sold in the U.S. All of these drugs are the subject of pending lawsuits on behalf of those who have suffered death or injury from them. Source