Mobile Apps in the Enterprise Are the Future

April 29, 2014

Your laptop isn’t irrelevant yet, but it might be soon. Sales of web-enabled smartphones, tablets, and e-readers have surpassed web-enabled laptops, notebooks, and desktop computers. Mobile apps in the business sphere is the future.


Americans and Their Gadgets

March 25, 2014

Americans love their computerized gadgets. Learn the breakdown of who owns what in America from cellphones to tablets and beyond. Source


Sharp Spike in Tech Savvy Shoppers Expected on Black Friday

February 21, 2014

SocialVibe, a digital ad tech company, shows that 70 percent of tech-savvy consumers plan to shop on Black Friday – the Friday after Thanksgiving – which is a steep increase over 52 percent of respondents who reported they shopped on Black Friday in 2010. Source


11 Gadgets That Will Cost Less In 2011

January 19, 2014

Our gadgets are cool, but it’s hard to afford all of them. But in the coming year a bunch of cool gadgets are going to get a lot cheaper. Find out which gadgets are going to drop in price. Source


Rogers Reveals: Top Technology Trends

December 26, 2013

As the year comes to a close, we focused our first edition of the Rogers Innovation Report on technology predictions for 2012. We asked Canadian smartphone and tablet users if technology makes their lives better and easier and their views on advancements for the next few years. Check it out: Source


The State of the Tablet Takeover in the Enterprise

December 7, 2013

First introduced by Microsoft in 1999, many viewed the Tablet PC as a toy, a device that couldn’t get any real work done. With the release of Apple’s iPad in 2010, the mobile computing world has been consumed with tablets. A mobile device that is bigger than a smartphone, but smaller than a laptop, Tablet […]


The Insanely Great History of Macintosh

October 25, 2013

Macintosh computers have come in many forms and evolved greatly since the 1980’s. This fun infographic shows all the different transformations that the Macintosh have made.


How U.S. College Students Use their Technology

January 8, 2013

Most of the numbers are obvious— 87 percent say their laptop is the most important piece of tech and 78 percent say wi-fi is crucial to academic success. But wait, it gets more interesting in items five [Most important sites] and six [Social Networking in Academic success]. Source


The Tablet Takeover

December 20, 2012

Tablets are quickly taking jobs away from laptops and PCs. Is this trend a flash in the pan or else the burgeoning of the next generation of computers? At first, it seemed that tablet would be used for media consumption only, but thanks to clever programmers and natural multi-touch interfaces, tablets, and in particular, the […]