The Persistent Rise of E-Books

March 13, 2014

More and more Americans are switching from those old, uncool, Luddite paper-bound books to getting their novel on with e-books. Get all the facts and figures about the rising trend of e-books. Source


Battle of the Tablets: Choose your winner

February 23, 2014

This infographic is specially desinged to help the user understand the key differences between the two tablet PCs at a single glance. If you would like to download this graphic, do check it out at: Source


How the Tablet Killed the Ereader

January 4, 2014

This infographic shows how the technology of the Tablet made the E-Reader redundant. It also explains how Ereaders will need to develop to compete with tablets. Source

40 Years of E-books

40 Years of E-books

May 2, 2013

Books have long been a favorite past-time and a way to escape to a far off fantasy land. The popularity of the E-book has made it even more convenient for people to indulge in the great past time of reading without having to lug a heavy book around. This infographic explores the history of E-books […]

Tech Lust: The Increasing Desire for CE

Tech Lust: The Increasing Desire for CE

November 9, 2012

From the Kindle to the iPhone to the Wii, the hottest products in consumer electronics connect consumers to a world in which everything; books, music, films, and games are available 24/7 on-demand. This infographic shows that even more discretionary income is being spent on the gadgets needed to maintain a connected lifestyle. Source

Who Makes The Best e-Reader?

Who Makes The Best e-Reader?

May 23, 2012

This infographic provides a break down of e-readers to compare the three leading ones on a quest to find out which is the best due to it’s features. They compare the three by size, memory storage capacity, price, battery life, screen resolution, and bonus features. Kindle vs. iPad vs. Nook. Source