How Google Works

May 16, 2014

We go to Google and type in a few words to conduct a search and think nothing of it but behind the scenes Google’s search is sophisticated and fine tuned. Using their patented page rank algorithm Google is able to search by words and come up with their results. If all goes according to plan […]


Keyword Research

April 6, 2014

Keywords! Keywords! Keywords! When it comes to getting traffic to your site, it’s all about picking the words that will get people to click. Learn how to use words to your advantage and not pull your hair out in frustration with this infographic. Source


8 Simple Steps to Search Engine Optimization

January 7, 2014

EO or search engine optimization is the best way to drive traffic to your blog from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This infographic defines 8 simple steps for optimizing your blog for search engines. Proper SEO can drive traffic to your blog everyday and will help grow your creative business. Source


SEO In Pictures

January 14, 2013

Images are a fantastic way to present data and abstract concepts, they’re a much clearer way of getting information across and more people take the time to digest it. The image covers everything from basic keyword research concepts, through site architecture, page optimisation, link building, SEO tactics, social media, and some basic SEO and PPC […]

A Visual Guide to Page Level Keyword Usage

A Visual Guide to Page Level Keyword Usage

May 15, 2012

For the last six years, SEOmoz has released annual editions of Search Engine Ranking Factors, which are reports that aggregate data from industry professionals about the perception of how certain domain and page elements affect rankings in SERPs. We took the data from the section about Page Level Keyword Usage and created an infographic. Take […]