Job Seekers Use Mobile Job Search Apps

December 8, 2013

People are relying more and more on mobile devices to interact with the world around them – and that trend extends to the job search process. Mobile job search apps allow users the accessibility to keep up with the latest job openings, and the privacy to pursue new opportunities on their own mobile device. Source


How Job Seekers Are Using Mobile

October 28, 2013

The jobless rate is hovering above 9%, and job seekers have to be more savvy than ever to land a job. In fact, 77% of job-seekers are using mobile apps in their search. Why mobile? For one thing, people almost always have their phones on them, which means they can get job leads on the […]

Looks That Land The Job

Looks That Land The Job

August 6, 2013

A quick guide on what to wear to any interview. Source

The Job Search Confidentiality

The Job Search Confidentiality

April 20, 2013

It’s no surprise that confidentiality is an ever-more important aspect of the job search — 88% of people say privacy and confidentiality are important when they’re cruising for a new career. this infographic highlights some statistics about confidentiality during the job search. Source


5 Ways to Ensure You Never Get Hired

January 15, 2013

How employers are using social media to screen or hire candidates … and fire employees. Source

Social Media in Today

Social Media in Today’s Job Search

December 2, 2012

Savvy job seekers have turned to digital and social media tools to help them in their job searches, and now recruiters are on board with the power of social media as a recruiting tool. LinkedIn isn’t the only social network that helps in the job search process — Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ have all […]

Job Searching with Social Media

Job Searching with Social Media

November 17, 2012

This infographic provides statistical information for job searching using social media. It answers questions such as how often it’s done and what is the success rate. Source

The New Social Job Seeker

The New Social Job Seeker

October 31, 2012

Social media is now central to every savvy job seeker’s armour, and recruiters are also switched on to using it to source great candidates. For the former, it’s a source of information. It allows you to get the word out about your search, collate recommendations and connections into an online CV – and build a […]

Email Accounts: What They Say About You

Email Accounts: What They Say About You

July 12, 2012

Does using Gmail, Yahoo!, or Hotmail reveal anything about which industry you work in? At Volt Workforce Solutions, we took a look at nearly 40,000 employees we’ve placed on assignment in the past year and found the email service provider they used to apply for the position they were ultimately hired for. We broke these […]

Social and Mobile Tools for Your Job Search

Social and Mobile Tools for Your Job Search

May 13, 2012

In the market for a new job or switching careers? Paper applications are nearly obsolete as professional networking sites like Linked-In and Facebook applications like BranchOut increase in popularity. Web-based job search tools are being accessed by a wide range of new graduates – both online and on the go. Stay competitive by joining and […]