IT Career Salary Breakdown

May 31, 2014

Technology is an integral part of modern life and jobs in the information technology sector continue to grow. Almost all business need IT support, which means there are career opportunities in a wide variety industries. Source


IT Security Threats Q1 2010

May 29, 2014



ABB Application interfaces – Charging networks electric vehicle

April 23, 2014

Houston APIs enable you to design your own functionality. Houston application interfaces can connect any IT system to the Terra charging systems via the ABB Power-Routing network, giving you the power to design and manage your preferred settings and applications. Take a look at the infographic to know more. Source


IT Outsourcing Predictions – 2012

March 13, 2014

What will be the trend of IT Outsourcing in 2012? Here are some predictions… Source


The Mobile Worker Movement

March 12, 2014

Mobile consumer devices make it easier for employees to choose when and where to get their work done — and those conveniences can lead to higher productivity.Employees want to use their personal mobile devices in the workplace. And many potential new hires make this is a condition of employment¹. The companies that adapt quickly to […]


Statistics on Cloud Computing

March 5, 2014

Market research firm IDC predicts cloud computing revenue will not only increase during the next few years, but the way organizations use the technology will change.



December 8, 2013

Enterprise employees have shifted from the gray and controlled world of corporate IT to the colorful Oz of consumer technologies, but according to data from an IDC/Unisys survey, IT is in need of some kind of wizard to sort things out. According to dual surveys of 560 IT managers and another interviewing 2,660 employees and […]


Biggest Security Breaches of All Time

November 14, 2013

In the digital age that we live in, it’s not uncommon to see our privacy corrupted. As part of National Cyber Security Month, Rasmussen College – School of Technology & Design- Cyber Security degree program, brings to you this infographic that exposes the reach of the worst security breaches of all time. Source

Support Group

November 14, 2013

Since they are small and nimble operations, small businesses are set up to move fast as they adopt and deploy the latest and greatest tech advancements. The only problem: The shoestring budgets they have prohibit regular tech upgrades for many small businesses. In this infographic, we take a look at the current state of IT […]


2011 IT Security Best Practices Baseline Assessment

November 12, 2013

Best Practices baselines and evaluation criteria developed in conjunction with Echelon One Source


Is Storage Holding Back Virtualization?

November 7, 2013

Tintri, a provider of VM-aware storage appliances, recently conducted a survey of 126 virtualization users to find out more, and the results were telling. While more than 63 percent of the respondents planned to be at least 75 percent virtualized by the end of 2012, only 36 percent indicated they were heavily virtualized today. Source

Race to the ICD-10 Finish Line

Race to the ICD-10 Finish Line

August 13, 2013

Healthcare organizations must win the war for HIT talent to meet the Oct 1, 2013 deadline for ICD-10 compliance. Source