iOs Apps Versus Webb Apps

February 24, 2014

With Apple reporting 10 million apps downloaded and Appsfire detecting 88 apps downloaded per user, the app market is stronger than every. This infographic takes a look at the statistics for current downloaded mobile apps.


App Store Statistics

January 8, 2014

Smart phone apps are all the rage today. This infographic provides statistical data for apps. How many apps are people downloading, types of apps downloaded and how much people are paying on average for apps.


Firman i Fickan | Sarah Wesche

November 20, 2013

Swedish accounting firm Firman i Fickan needed a comprehensive way to explain their new iPhone application. I undertook the re-design of their info-graphics and the design of their new iPhone App. Source


Happy Anniversary iPhone!

November 15, 2013

This infographic provides information about the IPhone in celebration of its fourth anniversary. It provides a timeline for the first release of the IPhone, provides fun facts and stats on the IPhone, and talks about pricing, among other things. Source


Mobile Application Testing Process

October 30, 2013

This infographic talks about various Mobile Application Testing Processes. It also shows surprising statistics about usage of Mobile Apps. Source

Are there Any Good Wine Apps for the IPhone?

Are there Any Good Wine Apps for the IPhone?

March 9, 2013

In this infogrpahic the folks at Vintank gathered data from the Iphone to find out the number of IPhone wine apps, IPhone wine apps prices, IPhone wine app business models, and finally the IPhone wine app types.

App Hero vs. App Hero

App Hero vs. App Hero

December 1, 2012

Have you ever wondered who would win between the Angry Bird and Doodle Jump. Wonder no longer. final answers the life long questions of who would win between app heroes. Source

The App Genome Project

The App Genome Project

May 24, 2012

This infographic provides information from the world’s largest analysis of mobile applications to provide information on what applications are doing and which are mobile threats. It shows which apps have access to your contacts, personal information, to your contacts, and which apps include a third party code to show the potential of threat this has […]