Technology in the Classroom

June 12, 2014

As technology advances so does the technology related to education. This infographic takes a look at technology in the classroom, how many schools have internet access and how teachers and education systems are incorporating technology with education.


Strange Facts About The Internet

June 1, 2014

Did you know that the volume of information on the internet is so huge that it is almost impossible to measure it accurately? When we look at internet statistics the numbers aren’t small – millions (and sometimes billions) of people are online at any given time. This infographic shares some fun (and strange) facts about […]


Adobe Becomes “The Man”?

May 31, 2014

In 2010 the security software company McAfee predicted that Adobe would be a bigger target for hackers than Microsoft. This prediction came true. So why do hackers target Adobe? This infographic looks at Adobe and how they can get off the hackers’ target list. Source


The Boom of Social Sites

May 29, 2014

One of the first social media sites was created back in 1995 but the phenomenon didn’t really take off until the early 2000s. Now social media sites are every day stops for most people whether it’s updating a status on Facebook or tweeting about their day. This infographic looks at the social media boom and […]

What Happens to a Flickr Photo When Uploaded?

May 22, 2014

Once a photo is uploaded to the internet it can one or many paths. If uploaded to a photo sharing website like Flickr the photo can then be sited to blogs, shared with other users, and so on and so forth. This graphic shows the paths that it can take and where it can go […]


Which Country Has the World’s Fastest Internet?

May 15, 2014

Which county has the world’s fastest Internet service? How about South Korea. That’s according to a new study from content delivery service Pando Networks that sampled some 35 petabytes of data from 27 million downloads and 224 countries. The service found that South Korea is top in the world in terms of download speed, averaging […]


The Rise of QR codes

May 11, 2014

QR codes were once something that seemed strange to people, but people are slowly becoming more familiar with them and using them more. This infographic takes a look at the rise of use of QR codes by businesses and consumers and how QR codes can help promote and market a business. Source


Anything You Ever Wanted to Know about Drupal

May 11, 2014

All you ever wanted to know about drupal, from what is drupal? to who are the sites who using it? including drupal statistics, release timeliness and more. Source


internet « Voices from Russia

May 9, 2014

Check out this amazing infographic about the stages of development in the field of internet since the initiative of ARPA net taken by president Dwight D. Eisenhower in the year 1958 to the year 2011 when the total number of websites available on the internet has exceeded 357 million mark.The concept of packet data came […]


Living With The Internet

May 5, 2014

Living with the internet: A Global Study of What’s Driving Web Behaviour’ is a major piece of research conducted by Microsoft Advertising, Mindshare and MEC. It revisits a 2007 study, Context Matters, and explores changing online behaviour to show how digital media consumption has developed. The study analysed web use diaries from 7,000 users in […]


The Case of the Search Engine Poisoning

May 2, 2014

Imperva released a report on search engine poisoning. Search Engine Poisoning attacks manipulate, or “poison”, search engines to display search results that contain references to malware-delivering websites. There are a multitude of methods to perform SEP: taking control of popular websites; using the search engines’ “sponsored” links to reference malicious sites; and injecting HTML code. […]